1. Click the red button next to each answer you think is most correct.
2. If you do not know the answer, do not guess, since wrong answers are penalized.
3. If you check the wrong red button, simply click the correct one to change it.
4. If you have checked a red button with a guess and wish to deselect all red buttons for that question, just click the lit red button.
5. When finished, click the "Click When Finished Button" at the end of the test. Your score will appear below it, and all correct answers will be lit with a green button. Check over the "green lit" answers you didn't know to assist you in knowing what areas you still need to study.

If your score was less than 60 you are not ready to face the real world of carpet shopping.

If your score was 80 or more, you are ready to save money when shopping, and will know when some salesperson really has your interest at heart.

Hope you had fun, and now back to the Main Menu

PORTLAND carpet installation

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