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Carpet Sales Over the Net are Risky

Because carpet is a "touchy/feely" product, and you are not looking at a product that is easy to return, I feel that it is not in the consumer's best interest to attempt to purchase carpet online. First of all, the sample you receive in the mail from some supplier selling online may not at all match the roll of carpet you receive from the supplier. You have no recourse when this happens, as you have already sent your money, and the supplier has no agent to send to your home to help you with your problem. Secondly, if there is a defect that does not show up until after installation, i.e. sidematch problems, then again, you have no way of getting satisfaction from the seller when it comes to paying for the installation a second time. Finally, the best reason not to buy carpet online is that selection is so limited compared to your local floorcovering dealer. There is no way an online source can put one of several thousand samples in your hands for you to closely examine and feel.

I am sure the sample you may get over the net from one of the online suppliers will not have branded fiber names, and it will not contain any information as to who really makes the carpet. Also, I am aware that many of these "samples" are thicker than the new carpet that is delivered to your home. Of course, you are stuck, because how to you take the carpet back to Dalton.

Please do your research online, then visit your local dealer knowing that after reading everything on this site, you will be entering the dealer's showroom as a true "Carpetguru" !

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